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This website is dedicated to the trips I made with the Ramblers Hiking Club from the University of Arizona.

What will you find here?

Lots of interesting reports, photos, and other information about several trips to interesting locations in Arizona, and about hiking in general.

It is very easy to navigate through this site:

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  • Recent Updates will show you the latest additions to this page, and gives you a shortcut to the latest trip reports, photos, and infos.
  • Reports leads to (more or less) detailed reports of the individual trips, written from my personal viewpoint.
  • Photos is for people who are not interested in trip reports, but want to see nice pictures of the nature in Arizona's wilderness areas and other hiking regions.
  • Links will show you a list of other sites on the internet that provide some useful information for hikers.
  • About tells you the story of this website and some further background information.
  • Guestbook is a guestbook ;-) Here you can submit your comments about this website, certain hikes or other things.
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I hope you will find something here which is interesting for you, and that you can do the same thing on these pages as in the outdoors: