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  • 06 Jul 09 - The Ramblers Hiking Club got a new web address:, and I updated all links accordingly.

  • 13 May 07 - I got so annoyed with the advertisements by that I decided to move the whole site to At the same moment I re-enabled the guestbook, and I also changed everything to work with PHP instead of pure HTML.

  • 24 Jan 04 - Some more photos have been added, this time from a trip to Salome Jug which I did with two other Ramblers during a visit in Arizona in May 2003.
  • 18 Jan 04 - Increasing interest from site visitors forced me to perform a major update. The site has been slightly reorganized, and I also added many new Photos from several hikes.

  • 08 Jun 02 - After six months without any updates, I added some photos of Grand Teton National Park, where two Ramblers have been last July for some kick-ass backpacking.

  • 08 Dec 01 - I added some very nice photos of Havasu Canyon to the site.
  • 07 Oct 01 - Since changed their policies and offer only 12MB for free, I now store the large pictures elsewhere. In addition, they are now shown in an extra window, and you need JavaScript activated to view them.
  • 07 Oct 01 - There are new pictures from Picacho Peak, West Clear Creek, and especially from a swim-pack through Wet Beaver Creek last June. Some more pictures have also been added to the pages about Salome Jug and Buckskin Gulch.
  • 21 May 01 - Some pictures were added from a day hike into the Santa Rita Mountains, following the Florida Trail, in February 2001, and from a canyoneering trip into Salome Jug in March
  • 24 Mar 01 - The first trip report is online, about a day hike into Devils Canyon, east of Phoenix.
  • 23 Mar 01 - Some more photos can be found on this site: From a trip into the Blue Range near Hannagan Meadow, from a day hike into Devils Canyon east of Phoenix, and from a backpacking trip into the incredible Buckskin Gulch.

  • 26 Sep 00 - I improved the site using ISML, which makes site maintenance somewhat easier.
  • 25 Sep 00 - First photos from Massimo's Grand Canyon Trip and Hanna's day hike to Lemmon Pools included.
  • 25 Sep 00 - This website went online!