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... of the Ramblers' trips

Here you can find photos from the following trips.


  • Salome Jug (5/2003) - 2 pages / 24 photos
    When I was in The Jug for the first time in 2001, the water level was too high and the current too strong to do the through-trip. However, two years later, during a short visit to Arizona, I took the chance to visit this place again.


  • Cathedral Rock (4/2002) - 1 page / 8 photos
    In preparation of our planned ascent of Mount Whitney in California, a few people made a kick-ass hike all the way up to Cathedral Rock in the Santa Catalina Mountains.
  • Marble Canyon (1/2002) - 2 pages / 23 photos
    Marble Canyon, located upstream from the Grand Canyon and still part of Grand Canyon National Park, offers some interesting side canyons to explore.


  • Fall in the Pinaleno Mountains (10/2001) - 1 page / 6 photos
    A small group of Ramblers explored the Pinaleno Mountains at various places around 8,000 ft altitude and enjoyed the beautiful fall colors of the numerous Aspen trees.
  • Havasu Canyon and Falls (7/2001) - 1 page / 12 photos
    The Havasu Falls, located in a side canyon of the Grand Canyon, are the most photographed waterfalls in Arizona ;-)
    A group of Ramblers spent a weekend in late July down there in Havasu Canyon, enjoying the beautiful scenery and the blue-green waters.
  • Grand Teton National Park (7/2001) - 3 pages / 28 photos
    Two Ramblers headed north in July, in order to explore Grand Teton National Park. Here we backpacked six days in the wilderness, enjoying wildflowers, wildlife, and a spectacular landscape.
  • Lemmon Pools (7/2001) - 1 page / 5 photos
    A group of Ramblers used Independence Day to hike to Lemmon Pools in the Santa Catalina Mountains, where it was considerably cooler than on the desert floor.
  • Wet Beaver Creek (6/2001) - 3 pages / 26 photos
    After a hot and dry hike through grassland on the Colorado Plateau, we climbed down Waldroup Canyon to enter Wet Beaver Creek Canyon. In this wilderness area, we encountered lush greenery and deep pools of cool water.
  • Salome Jug (3/2001) - 2 pages / 18 photos
    Due to all the rain Arizona experienced in winter and spring, we were not able to go through the whole "Salome Jug". But we checked out both ends, and it was sunny, wet, and a lot of fun.
  • Picacho Peak (3/2001) - 1 page / 8 photos
    This volcano remnant about fifty miles northwest of Tucson is especially known for the desert wildflowers which cover its lower slopes during spring.
  • Florida Trail (2/2001) - 1 page / 6 photos
    The Florida Trail in the Santa Rita Mountains is under good weather conditions just steep and difficult. When it starts to snow during a hike, it becomes a challenge.


  • Buckskin Gulch (11/2000) - 4 pages / 44 photos
    This was the first Ramblers' trip I organized, and the weather forecast for the selected weekend was really terrible. Nevertheless we tried it - and the two of us who made the backpack through this slot canyon gained an unforgetable experience.
  • Devils Canyon (10/2000) - 1 page / 10 photos
    On this day hike, organized by Matt, we didn't even make it down to the really interesting part. But it was an interesting experience in a water-filled canyon.
  • Grand Canyon (10/2000) - 1 page / 10 photos
    This trip led by Massimo went down the Grandview Trail down to Hance Creek, and continued to Red Canyon Beach.
  • Lemmon Pools (9/2000) - 1 page / 7 photos
    Hanna's day hike to the Lemmon Rock Lookout and Lemmon Pools.
  • Blue Range (9/2000) - 2 pages / 24 photos
    Michael C. organized this trip into the Blue Range Primitive Area in eastern Arizona. We were only five people, but these five were able to enjoy a beatiful landscape above the Mogollon Rim.
  • West Clear & Wet Beaver Creek (6/2000) - 1 page / 9 photos
    Hanna led a trip into these two famous Mogollon Rim Canyons in order to have a first look at the area and to get ideas for future excursions.
  • Ramsey Canyon (4/2000) - 1 page / 3 photos
    This trip into the Huachuca Mountains, organized by Wolfgang, was my first hike with the UofA Ramblers.