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The idea to put a website online, dedicated to my trips with the Ramblers, came up after Massimo's trip to the Grand Canyon in early October 2000. This trip was really great, and after the first film rolls were developped, I decided to share the "views of the trail" as well as some experiences with other hikers.

The first task was to find a company which offers free web hosting for large amounts of data (how much will you need when one good photo is 200kb ...?). For a few years, the pages were hosted by 50megs.com, who - at the beginning - offered 50 Megabytes of space. However, their advertisement became so annoying (with advertisement banners on top and bottom, Google ads on the side and even pop-up windows) that I searched for other options, and finally this site found a new home at http://ramblers.rechi.org.

If this website helps you getting some ideas for your own hikes - great. I hope that you and other readers of these pages are responsible hikers, who help to protect the wildernesses where they are hiking. Much too often we see trash lying around on our hikes, so please help to keep the trail clean.